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Global Access, Investment Focus in Asia

Sprezztech Capital Vietnam is a registered Investment Advisory Services corporation in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Sprezztech Capital Vietnam is the Authorized Distributor and Representative Office for all investment products for Nixa Asset Management Ltd.

Nixa Asset Management Ltd serves as the Investment Manager for Sprezztech Capital Vietnam as a Separately Managed Account, in which Sprezztech Capital Vietnam also invests as a private corporation for its shareholders into investment products under Nixa Asset Management Ltd.

Nixa Asset Management Ltd is a Licensed Fund Management Company with operations in South East Asia, headquartered out of Singapore.

Nixa Asset Management is licensed as a Registered Person under the Securities Investment Business Law under Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA).

CIMA License Number:  1595650
Registration Number / Entity File Number: 354141
Authorization Code: 944465320710


Sprezztech Capital Vietnam provides its clients with advisory related to Financial Portfolio Management, with specific focus on international investment products that maximize returns while at the same time, manage risks effectively.

We focus on ensuring that our clients understand their financial goals, and what it takes for them to get there. We provide them with a wide variety of international financial products that are available from Nixa Asset Management Ltd, to ensure that our clients are properly diversified to achieve their financial goals.

We focus on the distribution of the most effective and safe investments so that our clients have the choice to customize their portfolio to suit their financial goals. Our products are well-diversified to ensure that it suits all types of investors, with different investment approaches.

Our team of experts will continuously monitor our clients’ portfolios individually and will keep the advisory ongoing. Our goals are to ensure that the portfolio’s position is maximized and is always at its best performance.

Our clients usually consist of High Net Worth Individuals, Private Institutional Investors, Family Offices and Public Companies.